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Can the red varistor and blue be used in common?

Varistor is the most important protective electronic component in the circuit. Its main function in the circuit is lightning protection and overvoltage protection. In general, the appearance of varistors is blue, and some are orange and yellow. Recently, some red has appeared. Many people don't understand. With so many different colors, is there any difference in their performance? Can red varistor and blue be used in common?

The answer is: Although the varistor has many different colors and appearances, there is no difference in their performance. The outermost part is for insulation and will not have any effect on the performance of the varistor itself, so there is no need to entangle the varistor. Color problem.

What is the key to determining the performance of a varistor?
Generally determine whether a varistor is good or bad, the core is the chip quality of the varistor. Inferior varistors may have the problem of using small chips to replace large chips, such as low silver content, small silver plating area, short chip sintering time, poor chip materials, and OEM decks. The price difference between high-quality varistor and inferior varistor is very big, and the difference in performance is also very big. Inferior varistors generally have a short lifespan and are prone to breakdown.

How many years can a varistor generally be used?
Inferior varistors generally have a life span of about one year, while high-quality varistors can generally be used for about 8-10 years, or even longer. The life of a varistor is closely related to the environment in which it is used. If the varistor is overloaded and under a high temperature environment, its service life will be reduced. Because of the aging of the varistor itself or the multiple impacts of temporary overvoltage, the leakage current of the varistor rapidly increases and heats up and causes overheating damage. The service life of the varistor is shorter and the performance will decrease after multiple shocks. In general, there is generally no need to worry about the high-quality lifespan, and the inferior varistor life is generally extremely short.